Chaos In Torvar

A Dwarven Vision


A shrine in the middle of the woods, a shrine of Kord………..

A glorious battle, goblins, wolves, a man with fangs, and an assassin of light….

Hammer held high, the shock of a goblin skull caving in, a dire wolf’s growl, and a crack of thunder….

And then, a feeling of purpose, of righteousness, of destiny….

The same damn vision every few days, Hadar was growing impatient for he’d been at the shrine in his visions for 4 days now. Other than smiting the kobold brigands that tried to rob him during his journey here there hadn’t been a bit of excitement for Hadar in the weeks since he left the Northic Halls. Being a Warpriest of Kord usually doesn’t call for such patience.

Hadar gave a quick prayer: “Praise be to Kord and may Kord bring me a battle soon.”

And the Warpriest waited.



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