Chaos In Torvar

A Return to the Muck

Upon their return to Coldfire and speaking with Adam of the evidence found in the were-rats lair, Adam was left at a loss. Without further evidence of exactly who or what was smuggling human captives through the old sewer system Adam was unable to give the Baron a plan of action. Sending the party back to discover where the trail lead, they grimly washed up and got a nights sleep to return seeking more answers.

Upon further exploration of the sewer system they discovered that there was a passageway connected to a disguised and refurbished warehouse. It was guarded by a pack of zombies an several ghoul sentries. After a valiant battle and headlong chase of the retreating ghoul through the grime and the muck the party was victorious. But the noise and length of their encounter allowed for the evil within to prepare more servants and kill what appeared to be the only human witness. The same necromantic force again confronted them with a wraith and several more undead servant.

The party quickly retreated after taking what evidence they could gather to bring Adam and the milita to the site. Sadly the two hours journey proved enough time for unseen servants of the evil to set the warehouse ablaze. The only remaining clues were the clothes, armor, and weapons taken from the slain man, now identified as Joseph right hand man of Sharna the merchant.

Adam raced to the Baron to inform him and hopefuly confront Sharna, meanwhile the party searched for Sharna at his home and staked out Sharna’s mansion to ensure he did not escape questioning. What should have been a boring few hours while the Baron and Adam questioned Sharna were suddenly broken by the screams of a woman from inside the house itself.

Without pause or support from the Milita guards assigned to them Heimdal, Aleric, and Hadar broke down the doors to find horrors inside….



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