Chaos In Torvar

Death's Doorstep

Heimdall, Aleric, and Hadar burst into the Green mansion only to find that the vile undead had already dispatched most of the living servants and residences of the house. A dark Wraith lurked on the top floor hissed at the site of the three’s entrance and appeared to order the rest to attack before phasing through a wall.

Immediately thrust into battle against a conventional assortment of Skeletons and Zombie Rotters the three quickly moved in as a unit to prevent from being overwhlemed alone attacked the foul creatures. Despite this practice formation young Aleric was siezed by a foul zombie and unable to use his usual quickness was knocked unconcious by the strong but lumbering rotters.

Hadar infused the young shifter with the magic of Kord, allowing him to awaken and rejoin the battle. Then suddenly a young servant girl ran into the room with a foul mass of skin and necrotic energy chasing her, it quickly caught and killed her. Upon ending her life it suddenly divided into two identical creatures. Fortunately these flying creatures proved to be but pets, especially to Heimdal who’s astral nature made him virtually impervious to the creatures fly by attacks.

After dispatching their initial foes and exploring the mansion a new type of zombie was encountered. Long and agile, stealthy instead of lumbering, and crafty instead of ravenous this creature skulked along the walls and ceiling. This foul beast along with two Ghoul companions nearly overwhelmed the party. Before their defenses were completely defeated Adam arrived with reinforcements from the town guard. The powerful cleric healed and inspired the three to continue onward to the top floor, where the source of the evil resided.

In the master suite of the Green’s a dark orb of foul magic was being used to peel back the barrier between the shadowfell and this realm. Any creature nearby rose upon death until its mortal shell was shattered beyond all ability to hold any sort of animus. A fierce battle with the orb’s guardians commenced. A sinster elf, a horde of zombies within the room and from the rest of the house, and finally a hulking giant zombie construct all attacked the party and their companions.

Through Hadar and Adam’s divine power, Heimdall’s cunning unravelling of the orb’s magic, Aleric’s quick use of druid fire, and the bravery of Bob the militiamen the party succeeded in ending the a foul summoning.

In the aftermath the mansion burned, the heroes were rewarded by the Baron, and Greenw as hung as a vile necromancer. In the weeks that followed the undead incursions stopped and Coldfire began to return to normal. The Baron and the people seemed to think the threat had been found and defeated, only Adam and the party seemed to know that this was only the first battle.



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