Chaos In Torvar

Two days and memories have yet to work their way back into Heimdal’s mind. While he entertains the young Aleric with tales of his people and their nemesis, they make their way to the shrine of Kord. Upon approaching the shrine, they notice that the grass has overgrown the path and the shrine seems untended to. Piles of stone and rubble seem to indicate there was once structures surrounding the intact shrine, but they crumbled long ago. Still their eyes saw the glint of candles within the shrine itself so they continued on. As they entered the shrine beneath the candles, a soft shadow falls from a dwarf who is deep in prayer. “Seems he’s nodded off,” Aleric whispers through a cupped hand.

Their presence doesn’t go unnoticed though. The dwarf pulls himself up and makes his way towards the two strangers.

“Kord truly answers prayers in the oddest fashion sometimes,” he says with a smile beneath his beard.

Heimdal and Aleric trade glances but both remain calm; the dwarf clearly means no harm. “The boy looks like he’s ready for adventure, but you my friend,” scanning Heimdal, “you look like you’ve been to the bottom of a mine filled with Kobolds… possibly a few rats as well.”

“Survival took precedence over aesthetics,” Heimdal answers. “Who are you friend? Travel doesn’t seem to have worn down your spirits.”

“Hadar will suffice though some like to add on a few extra names, Hadar Morgenson of the Granite Spring clan. My visions gave me images but they did not provide names. What do they call you besides tall?”

“I’m Heimdal. I come anew to this plane though I have been here many times.”

“Aleric is my name sir,” reaching out his hand.

Hadar shakes Aleric’s hand, “A bit gangly but there is might in that grip young Aleric.” Hadar looks around twice and pats his pockets. “Well everything is in order, are you two ready? The Goblins will be here soon!”

Heimdal and Aleric stand agape for a moment but before they can answer, Hadar has already passed the door and begun a jaunty whistle. “Kord will show you in time boys. Let’s be off.” And so began their adventure.


I’ve got an entire week of meetings which I get bored of quite easily. Please edit if you want to change your character. I don’t want to take liberty’s with anyone’s perception of how their character should behave.

Destiny's Call

I’m going to have to make a few setting edits when I can. The shrine has no acolytes for one thing!

Destiny's Call

I can ditch them.

Destiny's Call

You got it. Never mind. I’m just trying to give us a reason to be together so just fix anything that doesn’t fit into what you already have. That should wrap it up before Saturday though.

Destiny's Call

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