Chaos In Torvar

Searching for Answers

The group returned to Coldfire after successfully evacuating a northern village that was under assault by goblin raiders. After a tense interview with Baron Coldfire the three adventurers were dismissed, on the way out a barister accused them of being the root of the area’s troubles and referred to missing refugees.

Concerned Aleric and Heimdal searched for clues but were unable to find anything concrete thought they confirmed that multiple families and groups claimed to have had members go missing after they arrived in Coldfire. Upon hearing that there was a large sewer system that had fallen to ruins underneath Coldfire itself they investigated the tunnels.

Set upon by a number of disease maddened rats they eventually discovered the lair of several were-rats who had been feeding upon Coldfire residents and waylanders. Most disturbing of all they found a journal detailing how the were-rats had made a pact with some unknown man to allow passage through the sewers unmolested.

Exhausted from two unexpectedly fierce battles Heimdal, Aleric, and Hadar climbed out the sewers to deliver the grim news to Adam.



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