Chaos In Torvar

The First Meeting

After several days of wandering down the mountain, Heimdal enters the Wrathwood. His faint memories remind him of a temple nearby that would act as a trade hub for his own. Before he gets very far into the forest, he feels a faint rush of wind and is upended as something strikes his legs. His sword goes flying. Heimdal believes himself to be in a dream as he watches a wolf change into a bear and pin him to the ground. It speaks with a commanding voice, “Who are you and whence do you come?”

Slightly confused, Heimdal replies, “My name is Heimdal, and I’m coming from atop the mountain.”

This doesn’t answer the bear’s questions sufficiently as he leans heavier on Heimdal’s chest. “I can see you come from the mountain you dolt. Do you have word from the temple?”

“Gone.” Is all Heimdal can respond with. At this, the bear, unsettled by Heimdal’s response, eases off of his chest but keeps poised to attack.

“Why is it that you managed to survive?” the bear queries.

Heimdal collects his thoughts and states, “I awoke among the ruin. I have little knowledge of what happened as the hour of my reincarnation just so happened to coincide with what ever befell my previous home. I lived there once, that much I do remember.”

“Do you remember where you got that giant’s walking stick?” The bear says nodding to the sword on the ground.

“I pulled it from the hands of a Rakshasa who was slain outside of the temple. Who slew him and what part he played I can only guess at,” replies Heimdal, not entirely sure if he believes what may have really happened.

“That is most disturbing,” and at this the bear stands aside and changes to a young man. Though clearly as tall as Heimdal himself, the boy is a bit lankier. He introduces himself, “You must forgive me, but we have had no contact with the temple for some time now. My name is Aleric. This forest is my home and I do my best to protect it from strangers, and well… you seem a bit strange if you don’t mind me saying.” The young man rubs the back of his head in a sort of nervous joking manner.

“I understand,” Heimdal simply says. “There is another temple not far from here that I wish to visit. Is it possible for you to guide me there? I have nothing to offer you save some faint memories. If you enjoy stories, I would be happy to tell you some on our journey.”

The young man looks around him as if seeking approval. He is not alone. “Smart child,” Heimdal says to himself. Apparently approval has been granted as Aleric dusts off his boots, “Let us begin then. We have only two days travel but there is much I wish to know. Perhaps something will come back to you as well.”


I took the opportunity to write a short tale of how Heimdal and Aleric meet. If there are any suggestions I’d be glad to change it around. I don’t know how Andrew wants to handle his character so maybe I’m way off base. Please edit the story as you see fit Andrew.

The First Meeting

If Andrew wants to edit it some he should be able to.

The First Meeting

Cool beans.

The First Meeting

I like it.

The First Meeting

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