Dwarves are divided into two main groups in Edrid:

Northic Dwarves (Mithril): These “mithril” dwarves are the dwarves and their descendents that retreated to their mountain holds after the war with the Hokar Empire. Haughty and superior these dwarves view themselves as true dwarves, unblemished by being ruled by Humans. They also harbor a special hatred for Goblins, Drow, and other fiends that live primarily in the Underdark. After their retreat to the mountains they enjoyed a brief revival of their traditional life and opened many new mountain holds. Almost all of those gains were reversed when the monsters of the Underdark began the assault upon their mines, holds, and tunnels. To this day there are constant border skirmishs and raids, though the situation is fluid as tunnels caved in, and mines are close and reopened.

Recently they’ve begun to make their presence felt on the surface once again by sending trading caravaans, exploration parties, and reclaiming old abandoned Dwarven strongholds. This renengagement has lead to small scale conflicts and brawls between both Humans and Northic Dwarves and Ormek and Northic Dwarves. However their weapons, armor, and craftmanship are still unmatched and thus despite their disruptive behavior and high prices they are welcome in any town or village as guests. Any permanent settlements or strongholds are another matter.

Ormek Dwarves (Bronze): These “bronze” dwarves are the dwarves who either stayed behind or were left behind after the war. They’ve lived among humans for the past several hundred years and dealt with the resentment and other after effects of war during the Hokar Empire’s reign. During and after the fall conditions improved for the Omrmek Dwarves as necessity forced the civilized races to band together.

Today the Ormek Dwarves are highly a dispersed but prosperous community that is valued for their craftmanship, tenacity, and skill in battle. The bronze dwarves have taken to either shaving their heads or cutting their hair and beards short, a visible sign of the split in Dwarven society.


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