Northic Empire

Northic is a Dwarven word that means Mithril, thus they are often referred to as the Mithril Empire, Mithril Dwarves, or House Mithril.

An empire of Dwarves that dueled with the Hokar Empire for supremacy of Edrid in the distant past. After their crushing defeat on the plains in front of the mountain hold of Farmalk the Northic Empire made peace with the Hokarites and retreated to their mountain holds. Even the Hokar in all of their power and might dared not assault the mountains themselves.

The war’s brutalities left lingering feelings of resentment and suspicions between Northic Dwarves and Humans that linger to this day. These were especially heightened when the Northic Empire refused to aid any during the series of Orc Invasions that destroyed the Hokar Empire. The Humans didn’t care that the Dwarves were under similar assaults by the forces of the Underdark.

Recently there have been tales of Dwarves raising the Mithril banner again in the west.

Northic Empire

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