Torvar is the name of the city state that dominates the area the initial adventures will be taking place within. It is a town of around ten to twelve thousand permanent residents that is one of the few settlements to escape devastation during the combination of succession wars, orc invasions, and planar attacks that combined to destroy the Hokar Empire.

One of the reasons it has thrived is that it has one of the few surviving teleportation circles. This circle is heavily guarded within the keep of the Baron and is a large revenue generator for the city. Generations ago when most of the teleportation circles were destroyed or shut down Torvar kept its open and made itself known as the place to buy and sell. Combined with its position near farmland that wasn’t reached by the Great Scourge it became a hub for commerce in the region. Because of this there is a constant flow of people to and from Torvar and the population in the city grows every year.

Access to the teleportation circle is highly regulated one must be a member of a large trading house to purchase access or become a member of The Mendicant Order. Without such connections to either money or nobility access to magical travel to Torvar is impossible.

Torvar has used its growing wealth to slowly expand its reach as a city state and is on the verge of becoming a full fledged feudal regional power. Such centralized power and structure hasn’t been seen since the Hokar Empire crumbled.



The threat of another orc invasion hangs over the head of all the civilized lands. Thus Torvar maintains a large standing force for a city of its size. Around one thousand men are under arms at any given time, though often this force is divided and detachments are sent to trouble spots within Torvar’s sphere of influence.

To supplement this standing force their is an organized militia in each town and village under Torvar’s protection. Each family is required to contribute one able bodied man if called upon, the village noble/headman organizes and commands this group. Some of the larger settlements have their own organized town watch or guards depending on how well governed they are.

Religious Organizations

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