Benefit Points

This is a house rule system to reward players in-game for things they do to help make the campaign better overall both in session as well as online.

(Stolen from Wolfhound of Horn of the North fame.)

What’s a Benefit Point (Bennie)?
Benefit Points function just like Action Points with four exceptions:

1. Persistent – Bennies don’t go away after a long rest.
2. Boss Encounter Edge – If the GM uses an Action Point in an encounter, you can spend a Bennie even if you’ve already used an action point for the encounter. If the GM uses more than 1 Action Point in an encounter, you may spend more than 1 Bennie.
3. You may use a bennie to use a healing surge. (potentially in addition to the second wind power)
4. You may spend a bennie to automatically stabilize your character if he runs out of death saves.

How to Earn Bennies
•A character background, journal entry or interlude of 500 words or more.
•An awesome in-character moment (DM Discretion).
•Prompt updating of character stats/feats/powers online upon leveling.

You will be able to have a max of 3 bennies banked, so spend them!

Benefit Points

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